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TAC Technology Support

Solution Description

Under the condition that the customer's network is in trouble, ECCOM's most direct, fast and efficient remote technical support service can be obtained by dialing 400 \ 800 technical support hotline of 7 * 24 of ECCOM or sending a request email to TAC @, the mailbox of TAC (Technical Assistance Center).



Solution Benefit

TAC technical support service of ECCOM has the following characteristics:

● Strong technical force

ECCOM remote technical support service is the responsibility of the ECCOM TAC technical center team. All team members have professional technical certifications, such as Cisco CCIE R&S, Cisco CCIE security, Cisco CCIE wireless, Huawei HCIE, and H3C H3CSE. In the process of remote technical service, technical personnel can accurately locate the customer network failure problem and quickly solve the customer network problem through their excellent professional knowledge, combined with rich working experience and ECCOM's vast knowledge base system.


● Flexible communication mode

TAC support service of ECCOM is not limited to the traditional telephone, mail, fax and online support methods, but also can provide more direct support to customers by means of remote login and remote management. Through the six-in-one support mode, customers can choose the most suitable support method according to the urgency, complexity and communication preference of the problem.


● Reasonable upgrade mechanism

TAC technical engineers will classify the customer's faults according to the degree of urgency during remote processing。 Each type of failure has a specified time to propose a solution。 If the customer's failure fails to come up with a reasonable solution within the specified time, the system will upgrade to the department manager and the department general manager according to the corresponding upgrade mechanism matrix。 Through a reasonable upgrade mechanism, we can effectively guarantee the service quality of customers and improve service experience of customers。


Tel    : 400-820-5-820,800-820-5-820
mail  :
web  : www.ECCOM.NET.CN



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