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Health Examination of Equipment


With the development of comprehensive IP services for customers in the industry, customers need to actively perceive and match the service methods of network health status in order to ensure the high-quality operation of the network. The network health examination service in ECCOM adopts a self-innovative front-end and back-end collaborative delivery service mode, providing professional service reports that reflect the real situation of the current network operation, and providing high-quality standardized services through timely follow-up and handling of problems found in the service by specially-assigned personnel.



Business Challenge

For industry customers, with the continuous adjustment of business types, including various product services provided by the outside world (e.g. information query and retrieval, website download and visit, forum, etc.), and various business process development platforms provided internally (e.g. mail, ERP, etc.), the management mode and organizational structure will also change along with the strategic adjustment of the organization, as well as changes in personnel and office locations. These business changes pose more and more challenges to customers and require customers to pay timely attention to their network health status:

● Life cycle of equipment

● Operation status of network equipment

● Equipment load condition

● Business bottlenecks and business operation efficiency

● Security alerts, viruses, hacker attacks and other network security situations

... ...

This requires the network to make corresponding adjustments in time according to the needs of service development, including the network’s function, structure, bandwidth, and even the equipment itself. It needs a service method that deeply senses the health of the network and matches it, so as to keep the network running efficiently and stably at all times.



Solution Description

In order to help customers ensure network health, engineers and developers in ECCOM have designed and started to implement the ECCOM health examination service.

ECCOM network health inspection service is mainly for IP network products. Through collecting equipment operation data and analyzing the form, the customer's IP network operation is fully investigated to understand the original network service composition, service data flow direction, equipment operation status, and conduct a comprehensive inspection of network operation and maintenance status. Combined with the user's use requirements, quantitative evaluation and specific improvement suggestions are made, and a consulting service is provided to customers in the form of professional reports.



Solution Benefit

The ECCOM equipment health examination service provides customized active services in the form of front-end and back-end collaborative delivery, mainly helping customers to solve the following problems:


●  Asset information management

Help customers sort out the status of network equipment's software and hardware assets and obtain a complete asset management information base。


●  Service contract management

Provide complete equipment maintenance information and maintenance record information, improve the asset management information base, and greatly reduce the operational risk caused by the service not being covered.  At the same time, help customers update and correct service contract data and formulate corresponding budget plans.


● Product life cycle assessment

Help customers find devices in the network that have reached or are about to reach product life cycle milestones, provide product replacement and upgrade suggestions, and greatly reduce the operational risk caused by aging devices.


● Network status assessment

Collect and analyze the equipment operation information, understand the equipment operation status, conduct a comprehensive inspection of the network operation status, make quantitative evaluation and specific improvement suggestions, and prevent the risk of network operation failure in advance.



Customer Income

ECCOM network equipment health examination service makes full use of the system platform to deliver high-quality professional services efficiently and quickly, which is convenient for customers to carry out scientific management of network health status, help customers deal with network failures in a timely manner, avoid potential risks, and continuously improve network performance.


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web  : www.ECCOM.NET.CN



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