ECCOM, the First AWS Consulting Partner Passing Security Competency Certification in Greater China


The cloud service is essential and different countries/ regions and industries have increasingly strict requirements for data security and privacy。 The question, “Can we put data into the cloud safely?” has become one of the biggest concerns of most enterprises that want to use cloud service。

Security is a systematized issue for both cloud layout and local layout, which involves many different factors。 Professional matters need to be treated by professionals and the security is no exception。 Selecting right cloud supplier and the assistance of necessary technical capacity and professionals will achieve more with less。

In the end of August, ECCOM became the first AWS Consulting Partner Passing Security Competency Certification in Greater China. Aimed at penetrating test of enterprise usage scenario, it involves DDoS protection, NGFW, WAF, anti-virus, SecOps on AWS and other important fields of cloud security, providing full life-cycle and safe integrated solution and service of cloud service, and weaving an invulnerable “safety net” for enterprises.

ECCOM adopts four-dimensional security angel to promote the secure transformation of enterprises, assists enterprises in building methods and measures suiting objectives under their security control. For each dimension, they can take relevant measures and measure ways of progress:

 To establish safety guidelines: to establish safety management, risk and compliance models that suit for the enterprise’s environment and characteristics;

 To identify security defense measures: protecting business load, reducing threats and system vulnerability;

 To monitor and check scenarios and events that may violate established rules and policies: enhancing overall visibility and transparency of deployment and operations on AWS platforms;

 To establish operational maintenance specifications for safety responses: establishing responses and remedies for potential deviations from safety baselines.

From the security dimension of cloud-accessing framework of AWS and according to enterprise’s own situation, ECCOM shall provide a comprehensive cloud security solution covering all aspects of cloud infrastructure and applications, including:

 Access protection for network resource: basic network security, protection from distributed denial-of-service attack, tenant isolation, virtual machine firewall and network attack protection provided by cloud WAF;

 Accounts and authority management;

 System security configuration and maintenance;

 Backup and protection for data security and cloud resource;

 Monitoring and response to security incidents.

ECCOM strictly follows the principle of data security protection, whose solution is applicable to both AWS global and China region. As the first AWS Consulting Partner Passing Security Competency Certification in Greater China, it embodies the excellent ability of ECCOM in cloud security and affirms the hard work of ECCOM in security. ECCOM goes ahead with you in the road to the future!


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